GTT: trade data tools for tracking global trade statistics

Built by trade analysts – for trade analysts

Why use GTT

For competitive intelligence or market research; for predictive modelling or evaluating new markets, the Global Trade Tracker suite of tools puts you in charge.

One data repository. Five interfaces. Within just hours of receipt, data is already available for searching on GTT. This means that you will be the first to know.

GTT Advantages

More countries than any competing service

Corrections and revisions included immediately

Significantly faster in updating and processing

ONE Data Repository – FIVE different interfaces/tools

No limits on searching – any number of countries, commodities & time periods

Unrivalled MIRROR reporting functionality

Powerful integration options with visualisation platforms

Dynamic Excel spreadsheets – no need to logon

Sophisticated tariff-level searching

Full access to power tools such as API

BATCH processing for single-click execution of multiple strategies

Incredibly flexible user-defined country and commodity group capabilities

Custom conversions for quantity units

Integrated ultra-powerful HS lookup tools

Multiple language interfaces

GTT Trade Data Tools

STANDARD  :    The easiest to use. Perfect for simple “standard” reports;  The spoonfeeding interface
ANALYTICS  :    The most popular for day-to-day ad-hoc searching.   Very flexible.  The best tool for “what-if” analysis, and for 2D  reports
BATCH  :   The “Alerts on Steroids” interface.  Put ALL your strategies into one control file;  a single click runs all your strategies at once.

DYNAMIC EXCEL :  where  the output data file contains macros so that pivot tables and graphs are automatically updated   
API  :   .    Anything goes …..    Typically, the most appropriate interface when integrating with visualisation tools such as Tableau/Power-BI

FTP DELIVERY : Strictly speaking not an interface, but popular nonetheless with many customers

HS Code Lookup

GTT also gives subscribers an ultra-powerful HS Code Lookup tool as part of your subscription.

You will be able to drill down through the hierarchies deep into country-specific tariff-level codes. You will be able to search multilingually for commodities and countries; and use thesauri to suggest alternatives. And you will be able to filter by HS edition and year.

The Harmonized System is administered by the World Customs Organisation.

The cut-down HS lookup tool below, provided for your convenience, will allow you to quickly see which codes are likely to cover your primary needs.

This will help you to decide which codes you may wish to subscribe to on an eat-all-you-like basis. Your subscription can be set up so that you also have access to all other codes on a pay-as-you-go basis.


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