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Global Trade Tracker
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GTT takes you right back to 1988. Use the depth
and breadth of our extensive coverage to build
your long-range forecasts.

For competitive intelligence or market research; for predictive modelling
or evaluating new markets, the GTT suite of tools puts you in charge.

Choose the package that fits your needs

GTT offers you a wide range of different pricing models, from pay-per-report transactional, through to all-you-can-eat subscription, as well as a selection of hybrid models. For example, subscribe to the commodities and countries that you use most, and still have access to all other commodities and countries on a pay-as-you-go basis. We will match you with the model that offers best value for your research needs.

With over 200 countries covered, GTT offers MORE COUNTRIES than any equivalent service, as well as multiple data sources where available. For every single country – Reporters and Partners – the pre-aggregated mirror country is offered as part of your subscription. The archive data takes you right back to 1988, and supplementary information such as Port, Mode of Transport and District/Province allows you to drill deep.

GTT – All Features

GTT is Fast

NEW and REVISED data all available on GTT within just hours of receipt. Preaggregating and precaching to every commodity and group level, as well as all mirrored information, leads to lightning-fast search and retrieval

GTT is Powerful

NO LIMITS on searching. Include all countries, commodities and time periods covered by your subscription in a single search. Unrivalled batch and visualisation-ready integration tools, including API and dynamic excel

GTT is Flexible

MULTIPLE INTERFACES provide a continuum of feature-packed interrogation and analysis tools – from easy to ultra-powerful. Single click drill-down, exploding and mirroring, with currency and quantity conversions on the fly

GTT is Intuitive

DESIGNED TO THINK like you, with autosuggest and type-ahead, hover-text, built-in thesauri, and what-if analysis. Bread-trails keeping track allow you to jump back to any point in your search journey

GTT is Customisable

USER-DEFINED GROUPS as well as families of predefined groups for commodities and countries. Share groups with colleagues. Convert to custom quantity units defined by you. Set your preferred search interface defaults

GTT is Dependable

UNRIVALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE and GTT staff expertise to fully support you. In depth highly transparent views of disparate country sources and formats. Offsite secure mirror servers ensure 24/7 availability. Powerful HS lookup tools eliminate errors

GTT is Detailed

MORE GRANULARITY than any equivalent service, with tariff-level tradeflow data for more than 100 countries, monthly updates for 130 countries – and supplementary data (such as Means of Transport) for 50 countries.

GTT is Proactive

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW when new information is published, by setting up Country Alerts. Create search profiles and batch routines that push the new tradeflow data into your internal systems

GTT is Global

99% GLOBAL TRADEFLOWS COVERED. Choose from a dozen languages. Search and display the multilingual classification descriptions. GTT customer services covers 200 countries on seven continents

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