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The Swiss Army Knife

for Global Trade Flows...

Global Trade Tracker: the most powerful suite of trade data analysis tools on the planet.

Global Trade Tracker: built for commodity trade analysts – made in Switzerland.

Why use Global Trade Tracker?

For competitive intelligence or market research; for predictive modelling or evaluating new markets, the Global Trade Tracker suite of tools puts you in charge.

One data repository. Five interfaces. Within just hours of receipt, data is already available for searching on GTT. This means that you will be the first to know.

Your Subscription – Your Choice

GTT offers you a wide range of different pricing models, from pay-per-report transactional, through to all-you-can-eat subscription, as well as a selection of hybrid models.

Subscribe to the commodities and countries that you use most, and still have access to all other commodities and countries on a pay-as-you-go basis. We will match you with the model that offers best value for your research needs.

The Harmonized System for Commodity Coding

By using the harmonized system classification coding covering thousands of unique products and commodities, the Global Trade Tracker toolset tells you what’s really happening in your markets. GTT covers 99% of the world’s official trade statistics, to the most detailed levels available.

Working in partnership with the official sources of the national data for each country, GTT verifies and reconciles the data, aligning the different reporting methodologies into unified formats, so that you can accurately research, compare, analyse, and forecast.

GTT also gives subscribers the most powerful HS Code Lookup tool (probably) in the galaxy. Drill down through the hierarchies deep into country-specific tariff-level codes. Search multilingually for commodities and countries; use thesauri to suggest alternatives; and filter by HS edition.

A cut-down HS lookup tool on this website allows you to quickly see which HS codes would cover the commodities of most interest to you.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Not only does Global Trade Tracker give you more reporting countries than any other service, but you can also flip the report to look at the tradeflows from the partner countries perspective – as if looking in a mirror.

In this way, the suppressed information is revealed; as well as the tradeflows for non-reporting countries. The powerful Compare button even allows you to look at the reported and the reflected tradeflows side by side.

For every single country – Reporters and Partners – the pre-aggregated mirror country is offered as part of your subscription.

Global Trade Tracker for Predictive Modelling

The depth and breadth of GTT’s data repositories means better predictive models and improved trend analysis. For each of the 200+ countries covered by GTT, you will typically have access to 20 years of archival tradeflow data. And in some cases for the world’s primary economies, we take you all the way back to 1988; the very beginning of “harmonized system classification” time.

Global Trade Tracker for Competitive Intelligence

Improve your strategic decisions by understanding your markets, and take advantage of the business opportunities. The GTT suite of tools gives you both flexibility and power so that you can analyse the tradeflows of your products from any angle. With GTT, you become the instant expert. Drill down through the product commodity trees with ease, and explode entire economic areas with a single click. Benchmark your import/export data against the total market, so that you can judge the opportunities in a global context.

Global Trade Tracker for Policy Decision Support

Build confidence in your business strategies, and keep track of changing trade policies. Track detailed tariff-level tradeflow data on GTT. Only GTT gives you the granularity and detail to be able to track the changes and pick the winners. Set up unlimited search profiles that automatically look for significant changes in tradeflows. Define triggers that alert you as soon as changes occur. Integrate GTT into your data visualisation tools to easily confirm that you’re on the right track.

Global Trade Tracker for Market Research

Know your markets to maintain your competitiveness, and protect your business. GTT gives you the tools to stay ahead of the competition. Knowing and understanding your existing markets is the foundation stone of good business. Use Global Trade Tracker to look at tradeflow changes in related commodities and countries to be fully prepared for challenges ahead.

Global Trade Tracker for Evaluating New Markets

Discover new opportunities and target markets, and grow your business. GTT gives you the edge that you need to compete effectively in global markets. Analyse exports to keep track of the competition. Look at imports to identify potential customers and partners. Compare reporter and partner flows to uncover the otherwise suppressed and hidden information. Investigate related commodities to discover growth opportunities.

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