Trading Partners

Suppliers are essential to almost every business, as they can supply you with raw materials needed to manufacture your goods or services, or simply to provide you with the final product.


It’s tough growing your business without knowledge of the available choice of suppliers.






Finding the Right Trading Partners


Trading relationships are often born from random inquiries or chance meetings at trade shows. The more precise you are in your “demands” for a trade partner, the better are your chances.


You may want to export/import a product, which fits very precisely into a particular market segment. In that case, the knowledge of your trade partner on that market segment and the specific distribution channels, trends and expectations may be of more value to you than product knowledge.




Trading Partner Benefits


Global Trade Tracker allows you to:


  • Proven market track record
  • Enhanced search area
  • Detailed market data
  • Reduction of false choice
  • Rapidly at the target




Sample Search - Shortage of Critical Commodities


There is a worldwide shortage of acetonitrile, a critical chemical ingredient used in the purification of pharmaceutical compounds.


Acetonitrile is a by-product of the automotive industry and is in short supply due to the worldwide slowdown in that industry, which, in turn, has caused chemical production facilities around the world to slow down or to close.


Issue The issue for a Swiss chemical company will be trying to secure supply rather than only the price! Which countries resp. company supplies Acetonitrile?
Report Type Import/Export Report

HS Code - 292690 - Acetonitrile is included in (Nitrile-function compounds (excl. acrylonitrile 1-cyanoguanidine "dicyandiamide", fenproporex "inn" and its salts, and methadone "inn"-intermediate "4-cyano-2-dimethylamino 4,4-diphenylbutane")


Unfortunately, there is not (yet) a dedicated HS Code for acetonitrile in each County.

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