Price Fluctuations

The right pricing decisions begin with the right expertise. An effective pricing strategy will be your most powerful profit driver.


Whether you are looking to improve your bottom line through promotions, or whether you want to anticipate consumer responses to growing market sectors, you must anticipate the outcome accurately before you can make the right move.





Base Metal Prices


How do you protect your product equity when a big part of your sales are discounted and consumers begin to adjust their price expectations of your product?


You can start by getting the price right on the right product set, for the right promotion, in the right time periods. With trade spend accounting for advertising and promotional budgets, strategic promotional pricing can make the difference between a great ROI and a big waste of money.




Price Fluctuations Benefits


Global Trade Tracker allows you to:


  • Anticipating price fluctuations
  • Provides accurate global information
  • Support for changed pricing strategies
  • Uncover new supplying sources
  • Monitor your competitions activities





Sample Search - Price Fluctuations


Today the price of copper is many times more as high as the price in November 2001 (US$1,400/tonne)!


The price of copper has been and will be driven higher by continuing growth in demand, limited stocks and supply problems, while price volatility will be made worse by the actions of investors seeking short-term gains.


Issue A commodities fund manager from a London based bank wants to derive conclusions for the future development, based on the price fluctuations of copper in the past few years in the European area.
Report Type Key Country Report

HS Code - 740311 - Copper, refined, in the form of cathodes and sections of cathodes

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