Market Share & Competition

When thinking about the market potential of your product, you must consider how it might be able to withstand competitive pressures: understanding the structure and evolution of international markets is essential for companies involved in both exporting and importing.


Outward-oriented firms need to know their global marketplace if they are to diversify into new product and market opportunities as well as those markets ripe for alternative suppliers.




Market Share & Competition


Every business has competition, no matter how unique it might be. There is always some other business that is taking away customers from you and hence impacting your revenue stream.


Many times company and products you don't even consider as competitors which will impact you most. As soon as you develop an idea, it already has competition.




Market Share Benefits


Global Trade Tracker allows you to:


  • Forecast future business
  • Uncover market changes
  • Adapt your strategies on changing conditions
  • Monitor your competitor activities





Sample Search - Receptivity of German Beer in Pacific Asia


China has now overtaken the US to become the largest national beer market in the world. Despite its huge market size, there remains great scope for development, and many new opportunities are still available in China.


Per capita beer consumption in China has grown to near parity with other regional market, and so development in the market will in future rely much more on raising the average value of purchases, and persuading Chinese consumers to trade-up to premium products and brands.


Issue A German beer brewer wants to understand the beer market in China, regarding the share of German beer compared with other imported beers.
Report Type Import/Export Report

HS Code - 220300 - Beer made form malt

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