Indispensable data that helps you gain a good market overview

Trade statistics are just one piece of the jigsaw in preparing a comprehensive market study, but they are more often than not an indispensable part of it.


The data available on Global Trade Tracker® is often weeks or months ahead of printed resources, enabling you to get the most up-to-date information available online, anywhere.


Each month Global Trade Tracker® collects trade statistics reported at the country and product level from more than 60 official government statistical offices. This represents nearly 90% of world trade flows. A powerful feature of Global Trade Tracker is the ability to identify trade figures for any country worldwide, as seen through the trade of the official countries online data.


Trade across all industry sectors is available, from food and agriculture, through to chemicals and metals to engineering and consumer goods. Products are classified by the Harmonised System (HS) allowing you to analyse trade for a highly specific product or at a broader sector level.