Sergio Laberer


Sergio Laberer

Managing Director & Head of Technology


Sergio Laberer is Managing Director and Head of Technology for Zen Innovations. He is one of the founders of Zen Innovations and also serves as president on the board of directors for Zen Innovations. He also fills in the role of Project manager and business analyst.


Sergio started his career as a software developer and analyst with Toshiba Medical Engineering in Japan; this was followed by a position with Thomson in Berne, Switzerland. At Thomson he held various technology and management positions and was part of the senior technology management group at Dialog Thomson. Sergio holds an MBA from the Simon Graduate School of Business and an MS in electrical engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).


Peter Röthlisberger


Peter Röthlisberger

Senior Database and System Architect


Peter Röthlisberger is Zen Innovations' senior database expert and system architect. He is also one of the founders of Zen Innovations and also serves as Vice President on the board of directors for Zen Innovations.


He started his career in finance from where he changed to the Information Technology in 1994 as a 'Junior-Programmer' on IBM Mainframe Cobol based applications. Soon thereafter he started to passionately study various Database products such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server and developed a preference for Oracle. Peter became an Oracle DBA in 1996 and has been responsible for distributed Databases based in various countries. He is also an expert in PL/SQL and TSQL. In the year 2018 he completed a three year study and achieved an advanced federal diploma of higher education as business data processing specialist. 


In parallel he also became a UNIX administrator and was responsible for installing, configuring and monitoring Group to High-end Unix servers in US and Swiss Data-centers. High availability for 24/7 services is his speciality. In combining his 25 years of experience in all three areas of server, database and software development, he is set out to give the best solution for customers.


Besides work Peter enjoys driving on race tracks  and doing all kind of sports.

Erich Siffert


Erich Siffert

Senior Software Engineer, Systems Architect, Open Source Evangelist


Erich Siffert is one of the founding members of Zen Innovations and member of the board of directors.


Erich has a master degree in history (lic. phil. hist.) from the University of Bern and is a federally certified project leader information technology ("Informatik-Projektleiter mit eidgenössischem Fachausweis").


Erich is in software engineering for more than 25 years now. The current focus is on java/jee and open source in general with an emphasis on Apache products. He does analysis, software architecture and development on both the business and the web tier using java, javascript, xsl, html, rest, sql, c++, soap and corba. A topic becoming more and more important is software development for highly scalable and reliable (web) applications coupled with smart search engines (based on Apache Solr) and the integration of "big data" with Apache Hadoop and Cassandra. In the past he did software development in macro assembler under TSO/ISPF on mainframes, has SQL knowledge on Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL and MS SQL server, was implementing an ERP software with Delphi and did profound c programming for Lotus Notes/Domino servers.


Erich was working as well as scientific employee at the research center for regional and environmental history at the University of Bern and was involved in the EuroClimHist (provides a database on past weather and climate in Europe and its human dimension) and BernHist (historic-statistical database covering the canton of Bern) projects.


His strengths are the extensive experience in the IT sector, the pragmatic approach with a strong solution-oriented focus and the good and wide educational background combined with inquisitiveness. Erich is very passionate about scuba diving, skiing and traveling the world as globetrotter.


Erik Mifsud


Erik Mifsud

Senior Software Engineer, Trade Analyst


Erik Mifsud is one of the founding members of Zen Innovations and member of the board of directors


He has more than 30 years of experience in software analysis & development, project management, relational database administration, programming and data modelling. One of his specialties is SQL and RDBMS tuning.


Erik was a technical manager and lead developer for TradStat™ a Thomson product, where he acquired his experience in trade analysis, developing and maintaining large commercial databases and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Processes for large amounts of data.


Jean Tremblay


Jean Tremblay

Senior Software Engineer, Systems Architect


Jean Tremblay is one of the founding members of Zen Innovations and member of the board of directors.


He is both Swiss and Canadian citizen. He received his bachelor in Electrical Engineering with an option in Computer Architecture at the University McGill in Montreal. He has over 25 years of experience in software analysis & development, project management, programming and data modelling. He has extensive experience in C++, Java/JEE, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, SQL, Unit Testing, Corba, Apache products and various other Open Source technologies.


Jean began his career at Videoway, a research company owned by Videotron Communication, in Montreal. At Videoway he developed communication protocols to upload information in home computers connected to the cable TV. He was also responsible for developing an easy to use man machine interface to control the Videoway. This product was somewhat a predecessor to the Internet as we know it today.


He moved to Switzerland 30 years ago where he worked for Thomson Corporation. He was head of Web Development for the product DataStar Web, where he was able to gain extensive knowledge in the Web technology space. Jean's speciality interest lays in building highly scalable and redundant systems design as well as usability in user interfaces.