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Global Trade Tracker - GTT Worldwide Commodity Statistics

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Global Trade Tracker (GTT) offers powerful web-based access to original trade statistics from the world's principal trading countries, giving you a clear objective picture of the trade flows you need to know about. Lightning fast updating, flexible output options and tailored payment plans makes GTT the service of choice for Business Analysts worldwide.

GTT gives you:
  • Authoritative, official trade data for 122 countries (and growing) around the world
  • 8 figure Harmonised System (HS) codes (10 figure where available) allowing a high degree of granularity
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive search interface, combining pull-down precision with google-like natural language
  • Figures presented in all the major currencies and in the units of your choice
  • Reports can be downloaded into your data formats of choice, including Excel and XML
  • Mirroring feature enables you to deduce trade flows from key countries to those countries whose data is not yet included
  • Regional trade groups (eg EU, NAFTA, ASEAN), giving users fast, comprehensive data on a country's main trading partners
  • The ability to create accurate, timely, customized reports in seconds for any commercially traded product in the world

Use GTT to:
  • Monitor trends in trade flows
  • Assess market share and track competition
  • Track the movement of products around the globe
  • Identify potential trading partners
  • Monitor price fluctuations

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